Rahul Arora
TMRA Consulting Inc. is focused on providing our clients with best-in-class solutions.


TMRA Consulting, Inc. (TMRA) is a full service consulting organization dedicated to providing high quality, professional services to business, government and non-profit organizations and communities. We have over five decades of business experience, focusing on practical solutions and an independent perspective to business and organizational problems faced by our clients. 



TMRA continues to position itself as the pacesetter in our industry by forging relationships with the leading products and service providers in their respective industries. These partnerships allows TMRA to provide very small to medium sized organizations with the latest technologies and services (i.e., mobile apps, mobile computing, back-office solutions, etc.) that may have been previously cost prohibitive.

Rahul Arora has extensive experience with start-up companies as well as manufacturing companies. Currently, Mr. Arora owns several businesses in the North Alabama area. Over his career, he has been part of the executive/advisory committee or ownership teams for over 20 different start-ups. His start-up experience ranges from retail stores/restaurants to residential and commercial real estate to heavy/industrial manufacturing. All of these companies exist as autonomous entities either under original ownership and structure, or have been sold to private equity or independent investors. He decided to take his expertise to main-street to help existing companies become more competitive in the global marketplace and to help companies in their infancy make it to the next level.

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