What We Have Done

Past Projects

TMRA Consulting Inc has worked on projects across the Globe.  Below are some of the projects where we have helped our clients:

1.  During the "Great Recession" we developed and implemented a cost structuring plan that helped our client persevere through a reduction in revenues by 40% and allowed for our client to increase profitability by 20%. This plan did not result in loss of employment for any of their employees during this period.


2.  We implemented a plan for a client that saw their raw material cost drop by 21%, saving the company more than $8.5 Million over 9 years.


3.  We procured equipment and materials for a client that saved over $600,000 in their initial capital cost.


4.  We negotiated with a clients suppliers and changed their purchasing agreements from a fixed cost to a floating cost pegged to the industry index, saving the client over $500,000 a year in the initial year. After 5 years, the total savings were almost $1.0 Million.


5.  We handled several delicate mergers and acquisitions of companies over the past 6 years that have resulted in smooth transitions for both parties, yielding favorable results for each party.


6.  We have taken on Management Consulting roles for companies during a transitional period that allowed for companies to continue operations while finding permanent solutions.


7.  We helped clients overseas expand their business in the United States and also helped clients in the United States expand their sales overseas. For one client, we saw their sales improve by 280% by expanding their sales to markets around the world.


8.  We have implemented "Cloud" services to our clients that have saved them thousands of dollars.


9.  Worked with several restaurants and retail shops in implementing their POS systems, credit card processing, and accounting software integration.

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